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When we selected a name for our business, Beyond Letters, we had no idea how appropriate the name would become. We had always enjoyed art and creative pursuits, and had long been interested in a variety of media. In the beginning, calligraphy as an art form was a very exciting discovery. It was a creative outlet that allowed the expression of thoughts and emotions on many levels.

But since that beginning, our art took yet another turn. While lettering still remained a constant in a lot of the work, a focus on mixed media, the blending of a variety of styles and materials, began to take center stage.

When Mark was able to join the team full time, it allowed us to collaborate and expand our mixed media offerings. Mark's background as a Landscape Architect was evident, and his detailed architectural renderings and stunning landscapes blended perfectly with Patti's sense of color and the trees, birds, and other imagery she felt compelled to create.

Our exploration of new materials is ongoing. Search the portfolio section for pieces from our new encaustic collection, and learn a little more about this age-old art form and our contemporary approach to it.

We hope you will enjoy the journey with us… from letters to beyond.

Patti and Mark

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Can You Still Hear the Music
11" x 14"
Encaustic, image transfer, oil
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